We have a human-centered approach to everything we do at FTWK. This is why we need to understand your motivation for doing the project, how you measure success, and what your expectations are of FTWK.

Please write down your organization’s main objectives in doing the project, as well as the primary goals your organization aims to achieve.

What are your personal goals within the project?

What is the current state of the project and what has happened so far?

How big is your team and which roles does it consist of?

Think about a milestone, until when do you expect an outcome?

How do you expect to measure the success of the project?

(e.g. # of customers, traffic, media reach, market share, reduced costs, etc.)
What is the targeted investment range?

What do you expect from FTWK as a next step?

Whoop, almost finished!
How can we reach you?

Please leave your E-mail, Phone, Skype, etc.
We will get back to you within 24h.
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